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At-home Teeth Whitening Treatments in Fort Lauderdale

October 10, 2016

Stains spoils smiles. Island City Dental offers easy at-home teeth whitening in Fort Lauderdale. Learn about stains and how they can disappear.

Does your smile reflect who you really are? It doesn’t if you are afraid to show it off. Teeth whitening from Fort Lauderdale dentists, Dr. Robert L Smith and Dr. Lori Albe, brightens tooth enamel by as much as eight shades of color. It’s proven effective, making professional whitening an extremely popular cosmetic dental treatment.

Why Teeth Stain

Extrinsic staining–it’s a fancy way of saying that your teeth absorb what you eat and drink, particularly when it’s darkly colored or acidic. While this seems nonsensical (after all, teeth are made of hard minerals), tooth enamel is actually a network of calcified fibers with spaces that catch the organic materials we put in our mouths. So, when food or beverages are richly pigmented or are acidic enough to soften enamel, discolorations accumulate.

Additionally, tobacco (either chewed or smoked) contributes to yellowed enamel as does simple age. Some medications such as antihistamines, antipsychotics, and antihypertensives change tooth color.

Finally, poor oral hygiene yellows your teeth. That’s why the American Dental Association says to brush twice a day for two minutes and floss daily, too. Dr. Albe and Dr. Smith urge their patients to come to Island City Dental every six months for professional cleanings and oral exams to keep smiles healthy and bright.

Teeth Whitening in Ft. Lauderdale

If your smile is otherwise healthy, but you dislike your dull, yellowed enamel, take heart. Island City Dental offers at-home and in-office teeth whitening which is fully supervised by the professional staff and so effective that teeth brighten by up to eight shades. Really, it’s so dramatic, and patients are very pleased with the results.

Here’s how it works. Come to Island City Dental for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Dr. Smith or Dr. Albe with examine your teeth and gums to be sure you are free from decay, extensive restorations and gum disease. If all is well, you can choose either the at-home or in-office whitening. In some cases, patients use a combination of both.

Either process involves application of powerful hydrogen peroxide gel. At-home, the patient applies the gel with custom-made acrylic trays which fit over the top and bottom teeth snugly. Because the trays fit so well, the gel targets only the tooth enamel, not sensitive gums or lips.

He or she wears the trays for the daily amount of time the dentist prescribes (usually about a half hour or so). The patient does this for two weeks, and gradually, tooth enamel whitens. The final results are spectacular and lasting.

The in-office treatment takes about an hour. The dentist covers the lips and gums with a protective dam and applies the gel to all tooth surfaces. As the patient relaxes in the dental chair, the gel penetrates the teeth and lifts out the staining material. The gel is rinsed off, and the treatment is complete.

Patients keep their smiles bright with occasional whitening touch-ups. They also limit staining foods and beverages and if possible, stop smoking.

Your White Smile

You can achieve it with the help of the friendly professional staff at Island City Dental. Cosmetic dentistry is an important part of their advanced dental practice. Why not contact the team today to arrange a consultation?

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