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Teeth Whitening – Fort Lauderdale

Brightening Smiles

Safe and effective, professional teeth whitening can make you look years younger by erasing stains caused by foods, beverages, smoking, medications, or aging. Our skilled cosmetic dentists can offer home teeth whitening systems, as well as in-office teeth whitening at Island City Dental. Depending on the type of stains, we may recommend an in-office treatment followed by an at-home teeth whitening regimen. We’ll consult with you about the proper method for your smile. If you want to find out more, call today to reserve your personal appointment!

Causes of Dental Discoloration

There are many reasons teeth may become stained or discolored, and in order to provide effective treatment, we need to determine the underlying cause of your dental discoloration. Some of the most common causes of dental discoloration include:

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening works by using hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to create a chemical reaction called oxidation. When this chemical response occurs, the peroxide bubbles throughout the porous tooth enamel releasing tooth stains. Over the counter and professional teeth whitening products rely on the same method of stain removal. However, store bought whitening products use low doses of active whitening agents and ineffective application methods that allow saliva to access and neutralize whitening products before they’re able to lift away stains. For this reason, professional teeth whitening products are usually a better solution.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

For patients who want to brighten their smiles quickly while in the dentist’s office, in-office teeth whitening is usually the best option. These treatments can deliver smiles six to ten shades brighter in just about an hour. We begin by isolating your teeth using shields to protect the soft tissue. Then, we apply a coat of whitening gel to the surfaces of teeth. The whitener is allowed to work for about twenty minutes before we remove it to check your progress. Most people see their desired results in just two or three applications.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

If you want to touch up the results of in-office teeth whitening or more gradually brighten your smile, at-home teeth whitening may be a better option for you. You’ll be able to use the same professional-grade teeth whitening products in the comfort of your own home. In addition to higher doses of whitening gel, we’ll create customized application trays that fit snuggly against your teeth and keep the whitening gel in place where it belongs. You’ll see the brighter smile within just about two weeks of short, daily applications.

Tips for Maintaining Your Results

To maintain your flawless white smile, you should: