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Single Tooth Implant – Wilton Manors, FL

Restore Your Smile’s Health and Function

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If you’re missing just one tooth, especially in the back where it’s less visible, you may think that you don’t need to replace it. Well, think again! That gap in your smile has a greater impact on you than just aesthetics alone. When you lose a tooth, your jaw bone no longer receives stimulation, causing it to decrease in density and change shape over time. Because the jaw bone becomes weaker, the support it gives your other teeth also weakens. Also, your other teeth can shift out of position, leading to an uneven bite or inefficient chewing and jaw pain. That’s why replacing your missing tooth is so important!

Single Tooth Replacement Options

single dental implant

At Island City Dental, we offer two methods of restoring your missing tooth: a fixed bridge or a dental implant. Each has advantages and disadvantages and could be the right choice for you, depending on your needs.

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is a dental appliance that consists of two dental crowns with a prosthetic tooth in the middle. This appliance is placed over and bonded to the teeth that immediately surround the gap in your smile, keeping the rest of your teeth in their proper alignment. Bridges are crafted to look just like natural teeth and give you back your tooth’s function and appearance. Compared to implants, dental bridges have a lower upfront cost, but they need to be replaced about every 7 to 10 years and do not address the missing root structure.

Single Tooth Implant

A dental implant goes deeper than the surface to replace the tooth’s root as well as the crown. The biocompatible titanium post is surgically implanted into the jaw bone, stimulating it to grow and envelop the post. Then an abutment piece and a dental crown are attached to complete the artificial tooth. This innovative technique has been proven to be the most effective way of repairing smiles after tooth loss.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Replacement

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If possible, we recommend that you seriously consider a dental implant to replace your missing tooth. Why? It can provide benefits that a fixed bridge simply can’t, including the following:

If you are weighing your options for tooth replacement, we invite you to make an appointment with us. At your consultation, we can evaluate your oral structures, review all your choices, and help you find the solution that will best meet your needs. We can’t wait to assist in rebuilding your smile!

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