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Talent + Passion + Great Skills  + Meaningful Experience  =  Fit

Our application process is not like those found in other companies. We focus on fit - we want you to be both good at what you do and like doing it. Our jobs and roles define the unique abilities required to be successful – then require you to understand yourself well enough to know if your talents, strengths and passions match those needed in the jobs. Fit matters. Our application process is summarized below. Please follow this process to be considered by our dental practice.

1. Click here to see our jobs. If the job is in green, we are actively hiring. If the job is in red we are gathering resumes but have no current availability. We still encourage you to apply for any job that you feel is a good fit for you as we are always growing and searching for the best talent.

2. What to send us:

    a. Information about you

        i. Send in your resume.

        ii. Instead of a cover letter, we require your response to the question, “Why are you a good fit for this job?” Please provide this response with your resume.

    b. Be clear about which of our jobs you wish are applying for; please use our specific job language.

    c. Send this information electronically to Lillie Covey at

3. We’ll review what you send and if we see a fit, we’ll ask you to take our Talent and Performance Style Assessment. If we continue to see a fit, we’ll look to schedule our phone interview and ultimately a face-to-face interview.

We look forward to your application and to assessing whether you could be a great addition to our team and great company. We focus on success – yours and ours – and we find this process creates the best results for you and for us.