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We want your work at Island City Dental to inspire you to do great things. We know that to be successful, you need to know the unique abilities and passions that drive performance in each job. So, you’ll notice that how we describe our jobs is not how most dental offices describe their jobs – we define the required behaviors as well as the technical skills and experience needed to be successful and achieve the performance expectations of the job. This gives you the information to assess whether your talents, strengths, passions, skills and experience fit our jobs.

One more thing. We love our patients. You’ll notice this passion for our patients is part of every one of our job summaries.

For each of our jobs, you will see:

  1. Its title.
  2. Its primary activities.
  3. The unique behaviors – also known as talents and strengths - that drive success in the role.
  4. The required technical skills and experience.

Job titles (green we are currently hiring, red we are gathering information for future hiring) – click on the job for more information.

Be sure to follow our Hiring Process to be considered for any of our jobs.